Rosie in Her KennelOH! There you are!
Hello and Welcome to my website!

I am Rosie and I would like to shake paws with you.

This website contains quite a few words that I have never heard of before but my owner Miss Polly says that words are a good way of sharing thoughts, so I will try this human way of sharing.

In a dogs world, we don't use words because we have our special senses but I think it is pretty cool to share with you this way. (Miss Polly helps of course!)

The disadvantage of this communication is that we cannot sniff each other or share licks and growls, or even run and chase crows together which is what we dogs do naturally, so it may take a little more time to tell you a bit about me....even though a sniff would save a lot of time!

I am a dog, an ordinary dog, the four paws, wet nose, and waggy tail variety.

I know that we dogs are in almost every country of the world, just like you humans but I was born right here in Australia.

Where do you come from?

I live in a small town on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales with my owner Miss Polly. She is a kind lady who feeds me nice meaty bones, gives me a fresh bowl of water each morning and talks to me just like a human.

She does expect me to do a few things for her like sit, stay, not pull on my harness and come when she calls me, but I am happy to do all that most of the time because it is my way of being grateful for her caring for me.

I have the occasional treat when we go shopping (I dream of it often!) and Miss Polly seems to know when I need a pat or an ear scratch. She is gentle when she brushes my shiny coat especially around my eyes and nose and now and again she will give me a bath (if she can catch me!)

The best treat of all is when we go to town. I love riding in the car with the window down because I can smell so many wonderful smells as we drive down the road...Cattle, Kangaroos, all the different types of Australian trees, blossoms and birds and rabbits...

I love rabbits!


Rosie Knows, A Dogs look at Life has been developed as a guide for young children and families.

Follow Rosie 's adventures as she navigates the ups-and-downs, of school-age kids through their many struggles, worries, hopes and dreams. Rosie Knows is a book about making friends, coping with those who aren't so friendly and finding the time to enjoy being a kid in an often confusing world.

Rosie Knows is ideal for parents wishing to use the adventures of Rosie the Dog to encourage their children to see life from a different perspective and is suitable for kids ages 6-13 years of age. (adults seem to like it too!)

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Yes, you guessed it; Miss Polly and I live on a farm outside of town with a lot of grassy paddocks and fences with gates to keep animals off the road. It smells so wonderful when with my super dog nose I can sniff the world!

The farm is quite different from the place I lived before I met Miss Polly, which had a lot more cars and people, but I will tell you about that another time.

Right now I am bursting to tell you about all my adventures which are real...because remember I am a real dog!

I am so happy and excited to try this human way of sharing with you, my tail is wagging itself! Is yours?

Oops, I forgot you don’t have a tail.

I won't feel too sorry for you but accept that it is just a difference that makes me, ME and you, YOU.

In fact, there are many differences between dogs and humans but some things are just the same so I think we will get along fine.

Talk soon,

"There’s wisdom in every wag of Rosie’s tail and a fun read at the same time. Tales for all young people and even their parents!"

Christine Kipps, Clinical Psychologist M.Psych.
BA Hons Dip Ed.
NSW, Australia.